Doyen of Debt Collection

Dr. Ohio O. Ojeagbase FICA FIDR: The Debt Recovery Maverick

Dr. Ohio O. Ojeagbase FICA FIDR is a name synonymous with debt recovery and asset management in Nigeria. With two decades of professional experience in the field, he has built a reputation as a formidable expert, helping individuals and organizations recover millions of dollars in debt and assets.

As the founder and CEO of KREENO Holdings, a global leader in debt recovery and asset re-engineering, Dr. Ojeagbase has led the company to become a trusted partner for securing assets and recovering stolen funds. "Securing the future by securing your assets" is the mantra that drives KREENO Holdings' mission.

Dr. Ojeagbase's expertise has been sought after by top financial institutions, government agencies, private companies and high networth individuals. He has developed innovative solutions to tackle the complex issues of debt recovery, making him a go-to expert for complex cases. Only recently, the Institute of Debt Recovery Practitioners of Nigeria (IDRPN) Registrar referred to him as The Doyen of Debt Collection and Cyber Recovery. "The number of debts outside the banks is more than the money inside the banks," Dr. Ojeagbase stated in a recent interview. "This highlights the urgent need for these stolen funds and assets to be recovered. We are committed to helping individuals and organizations recover their rightful assets and secure their financial future."

Dr. Ojeagbase's success can be attributed to his unique approach, which combines cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of the Nigerian legal and financial landscape. His team has developed innovative solutions to tackle the complex issues of debt recovery, making him a go-to expert for complex cases.

Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Ojeagbase is a thought leader and industry advocate. He has published numerous articles and whitepapers on debt recovery and asset management, sharing his expertise with the wider financial community. His contributions to the industry have not gone unnoticed. Dr. Ojeagbase has received numerous awards and recognition, including the prestigious Fellow of the Institute of Credit Admiinistration (FICA) and Fellow of the Institute of Debt Recovery (FIDR). He is the foremost doctoral degree holder in Private Investigation  an Corporate Governnance with his dissertation on "partnership policing between the Nigeria Police Force and the New Private Investigation Industry in Nigeria within the Criminal Justice System towards the reduction of finanical frauds in Nigeria" this was done in 2019. He is also the Initiator of Coalition Against Financial Fraud Initiative In Africa (CAFFIA) whcih stems out from the Doctoral program dissertation and supervised by Prof Adeleke Durojaiye PhD, ThD, a renowed International Security Expert and Chancellor of TBUGLEX USA.

Why the Federal Government of Nigeria should consider him for political appointment:

- Expertise: Dr. Ojeagbase's extensive knowledge of debt recovery and asset management makes him an ideal candidate for a role in economic policy or financial regulation.

- Leadership: His success in building and leading a thriving company demonstrates his ability to manage teams and drive results.

- Innovation: His innovative approach to debt recovery and asset management showcases his ability to think outside the box and develop creative solutions to complex problems.

- Integrity: Dr. Ojeagbase's reputation for ethical conduct and professionalism makes him a trusted figure in the financial community being a chief proponent of Integrity-In-Business towards making Nigeria great.

As Nigeria continues to navigate the complex landscape of economic growth and development, Dr. Ohio O. Ojeagbase FICA FIDR's expertise and leadership would be a valuable asset to any political appointment. His contributions could help shape economic policy, drive financial inclusion, and promote sustainable growth.

Written and Compiled By Ryan Jefferson For ProbitasReport

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