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Probitas Report Services is integrity-in-business rating, risk management, debts, and fraud preventive online news media group with consulting working experience for the energy and gas, power, financial services, government and individuals. The various business climate in the country is become so tensed with so much unethical corporate governance issues in the system where corporate organizations could no longer do genuine transactions due to fear of counter parties not abiding by contractual agreement or same firms not abiding by the external regulatory bodies standard of operations. Also the need to reduce the rate of failed businesses in the country, especially in the financial services, energy & gas, manufacturing, construction, telecommunications, power and many more sectors in Nigeria, which is caused by several unprofessional minded individuals who venture into business intentionally failing to honor commitment by either by issuing dud cheques, falsifying figures, using sub-standard products for bigger margins, the list is endless and using their ill-gotten wealth to bribe their way through law enforcement agencies. It is because of this that Integrity In Business the project of ProbitasReport was set up to reduce the menace in all industries in the country and West Africa. You can simply say that the integrity in business watchdogs, rating agency and online reporters in Nigeria.





Delivering unique and exceptional experiences for our clients and partners is at the heart of who we are and what we do.


Until everyone (consumers, customers and partners) is captivated by our authenticated information, Probitas Report Services won’t rest. We would use the best online digital multimedia platforms to deliver our brand promise to you.

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