Perennial Dud Cheques Issuer

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Past cases of Dud Cheques handled by KREENO

Perennial Dud Cheques Issuer in the Nigerian Downstream Sector is about to be unveiled to the public as the Publisher of Probitas Report that was at Police Special Fraud Unit Milverton with the suspect who has consistently issued several dud cheques in the industry that has even led to the closure of the victimized company that Probitas Report is representing. The suspect and his lawyers were in PSFU today so the report reaching the legal community says that they are scheduled to meet again to begin the hearing which was not conclusive.

Probitas Report Publisher was bringing the attention to the PSFU officers about when the separation of income between the bank and the client which has suffered the loss of business as a result of this master minded known for his lack of integrity. Probitas Report is set to unveil the entire transaction that led to where we are today and would publish the several dud cheques issued by this downstream oil and gas player that has tank farms in Calabar in different company's names. 

visit for more of such news as the suspect beckoned on the publisher to remove some of the stories on social media and online news platform simply because he needed to assess foreign loan facility. the hour has come when this whistle blowing in the private sector would be made public as these criminal suspect has made Probitas report client to run out of business with No operating office and the lawyer of the suspect without human feeling was making a joke out of it that the victim has down tools since 2014 the very year he entered into 45days transaction for a margin of N6 per liter as long as the facility remains unpaid. 

Both the winding down cases are still in court and the criminal leg for the issuance of dud cheques still with PSFU. Probitas Report is prepared to go the long haul to get justice and the suspect should not use cash to blind the law enforcement agents from carrying out their statutory functions seeing that he was somewhat patronizing them but off course the PSFU high rank official is very experienced not to fall for the suspect antics. The downstream transaction was for 45days with N6/L for about 2,409,639 Litres and diversion occurred, surely there will be serious consequences on the interest element on the side of the suspect, which the client of Probitas Report Recovery Group is prepared to ensure he claims every single dime. What is there to lose, after the suspect has made him to close shop, it is now time to go full length as the banks have now exonerate themselves and allow the two customers of the bank to suffer which is also lack of corporate governance and unethical position that the bank took as the worst victim in this situation is Probitas Report Recovery Group client.

Imagine a person (The Debtor) that owes another person (The Creditor) still went ahead to purchase the Lexus 350 Formula 1 car from the creditor that the Debtor is owing all in the name of modern day witchcraft which Probitas Report Recovery Team ended up recovering and deducting the said amount from the previous transaction entered into which would be tendered in court when the case reopens in the Federal High Court, Ikoyi, Lagos. More stories to come this week and when court terms of settlement reopens without any agreeable terms of settlement.

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