A little kindness goes a long way in 2021

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Kindness Is A Fruit Of The Spirit

Fellow Citizens of The World

We must not ignore everything completely.  I know we have a group of people who say the word ‘’it doesn’t matter’’ and the group of people who believe ‘’everything matters’’ but feel free to use these appropriately. 

What is kindness?  This is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Being kind requires courage and strength. Kindness is magic or let me say magnet that attracts a soul, opportunities, etc.

I also got that it is the invisible currency of happiness, health goal. I now realized when a patient compliments my kindness, then he has gotten pleasant feedbacks in one action. 

Quote: A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions and the roots spring up and make new trees

Kindness isn’t just giving out money as I wrote in the other article that money is not everything.  It has a way of penetrating into one’s heart and heals a wound. Kindness gives hope to the hopeless, it speaks who you are by leaving a stigma.

Kindness has a way of rewarding you. No amount of kindness is small, so give it out.  A heart that is kind is wealthy.

Never forget any form of kindness given to you as it costs the person giving it out a lot that might not be communicated.

Great youths! A little kindness prepares a blessing for you ahead. Your soft words, assistance, smile, time, etc. all help you grow.


I am surprised how little kindness can make you and I beautiful…. smiles


Be kind!


Blessing Raji.

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