7 Reasons Why Hiring a Private Investigator is the Best Decision You'll Ever Make

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Private Investigators Partnership Policing

We always need the participation of the private sector led leadership in securing the asset of any nation and family. It is to this end that the Private Investigators Intelligence industry is very much welcome in the country to create the opportunities of solving many issues bedeviing the criminal justice system in Nigeria. This is now time that the Nigeria Police Force and Nigeria Institute of Private Investigators powered by KREENO HOLDINGs should develop a master plan for this industry to be a success.

What is a Private Investigator?

A private investigator is someone that will go ahead to identify and find a person involved in a crime or a particular threat. He will use advanced technological means to uncover a person's whereabouts. A private investigator can easily find out someone's location or activities. To do this, they have to have a good knowledge of the crime. They have to gather clues, like people's statements and other belongings that will help the investigator track the criminal. List of the best ways Private Investigators can assist you in the detection and arrest of a suspect: 1. Get latest local and international news of the suspect. In this way, they can see the latest crimes committed by the suspect anywhere in the world. 2.

Why hire one?

Hiring a Private Investigator is a guarantee for the future security of the person, family and property. An investigating professional is a person who is contracted by a client to investigate a particular situation. It is expected that the investigator will follow each and every lead, question every person and document every detail. in addition to interviewing, the PI is involved in protecting, searching and investigating for some lost and found objects, it is our responsibility to save people and bring the culprits to book. Another reason why you must hire a Private Investigator is to collect and check phone records as this is the key to any criminal investigation.

Why the police should be on your side

Recovering stolen properties/money and fighting organized crimes in the society, Most importantly investigating high-profile crimes with a view to bringing the culprits to justice. Risk assessment of the Police The initial figure of experts on the use of private investigation services for risk assessment of the Nigeria police force in Nigeria is 6500.

Improving the Nigerian Criminal Justice System

In a report carried out by Transparency International on some of the outcomes of Nigeria's 2013/2014 Corruption Perception Index (CPI), the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) revealed that the prevalence of bribery and corruption in Nigeria has risen from 69 per cent to 71 per cent in 2014. As a direct result of this, the World Economic Forum described Nigeria as one of the most dangerous countries in the world to do business in. This is an indicator of the fact that corruption and non-compliance with the rule of law are the main obstacles to solving the problem of corruption in the country. The Nigeria Police Force has not helped the situation by completely not having adequate crime investigation/investigation tools and vehicles. The Nigeria Police Force is also decades behind on research and modern Investigationsl tools especially as it relates to leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to curb crimes and to prevent frauds before people ever commit them. 

The Future of Private Investigations in Nigeria

Your home security can be one of the most expensive expenses you carry out as a homeowner. In this report, we provide you with top reasons why private investigators should be part of your security gadgets package and why you should hire a PI from KREENO HOLDINGS to help you secure your home. In this report, you will be able to also get the information you need to take advantage of private investigations, how to choose a reputable and top performing company like KREENO HOLDINGS, and what to look out for before you decide to hire a PI.


So there you have it. The reasons why private Investigators or detectives are the best solution in Nigeria to fighting crimes and other private financial frauds. 






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