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Poetry of life

As odd as unraveling 

A secret of nature;

Sultrily unveiling her long paddles, 

Showing the most uninjured skin;

I found her attractive silence,

Her shimmering heat,

Her changing colorful outfits, 

Of mountains and sky fusion, 

In the late afternoon

As they soften to pink and mauve. 

Her crude beauty was ageless;

Welwitschia was her body gel. 

To all human sheaths, 

I recommend its essence. 

My beautiful untamed wilderness;

Ripened Red, unfathomed and ready. 

She was spectacular 

In her vastness and detailing. 

Patient to reveal the 

Crucial politics of insects. 

With her, there was a rare 

Union of chalky

And bluish grey skies;

A marriage beautiful but brief. 

Her hips as prominent as

The Eyo festival of the south west

Region of the Green and White. 

I was shown the hidden, 

She cultured me to push limits, 

The craft of unremembered skills. 

Her animals; graceful,

Careful and self aware. 

Namibia in all her rawness 

Had her pride in whole

Just as legally arrogant 

As the Nigerian Jollof. 

And in that holy moment;

I was fazed with 

The feel good enigma of bitcoin, 

The virtual deserts of our time, 

The upsetting zoom calls, 

The roaring fright 

Of mental diseases

And emotional pandemics. 

I found Namibia again, 

Beheld her eyes;

Let art and tact, 

Tech and earth meld forces,

Its the unerring path, 

And if not true 

There lies a forgiveness drink 

Along its trail; 

It will heal our thirst.

Namibia frenched and

Wagged goodbye leaving 

Doted me with taste buds

Opened to the sweetened 

Rara avises of Easter, 

Grateful to April

For nesting all of my 

Stories and bunnies, 

Cuisines and garish eggs. 

            - Blessing Jane Nnadi 


© ProbitasReport @probitasreport 

Wishing you a ground-breaking April ????????

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