Integrity In Business as a culture to transacting in the business and market places cannot be over emphasized as the level of lack of Integrity in Business as a Core Value is very much lacking and that is why FINANCIAL FRAUD, LAND SCAM AND CYBER FRAUD have become the order of the day.


As you are setting out to set up genuine businesses , others are also planning on how to DEFRAUD YOU of the hard earned income or pretend to be there to add to you rather they are of their father the devil that come to STEAL, KILL AND DESTROY your business and financial assets especially post Covid19 lockdown, Aftermath of EndSARS, and “second recession” in 5years.

It is on this note being highly recommended by Public Security Counter Fraud Intelligence Community to this Convention to speak on a Topic: SECURING INCOME AND FINANCIAL ASSETS IN TIMES OF CRISES.


It is on this that RCCG Lagos Province 67 Men’s Fellowship Virtual Convention present SECURING LIVELIHOOD, FAMILY, AND MINISTRY IN TIMES OF CRISIS.


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