I really want those of us who claim to be educated to read the underposted piece by a good friend of mine, a US-based lawyer who set out to gather evidence for passage to the office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court.

He’s, like me, neither a fan of PMB nor Tinubu.

THE LEKKKI INCIDENT: DID WE JUST WITNESS A REAL MASSACRE OR A DEPLOYMENT OF A WEAPON OF ‘MASS CONFUSION” IN THE SOUTHERN REGION? – After having reflected all night and carefully looked at all the ‘evidence’ of massacre flying around, I would like to Call for all Nigerians to calm down and REALLY consider whats going on with this Lekki ‘Massacre’ thing.

I was as heartbroken and mad as hell as all Nigerians a few hours ago and ready to support the total annihilation of our leaders, but something told me to look AGAIN at all the so-called ‘evidence’ of the massacre being shared all around, and after about 5 hours of carefully reviewing each ‘damning’ footage or photo I am NO LONGER USRE THERE WAS ANY MASSACRE.

Yeah, I know that will get blood boiling immediately but please let’s all pay attention and then do another review. THERE IS A PUPPETERS AT WORK TRYING TO BURN DOWN THE SOUTH AND WE ARE MISSING HIM IN THE MASS HYSTERIA.

  1. MASSACRE AT LEKKI? NOW I HAVE MY VERY STRONG DOUBTS – As Nigeria mourns, I have spent all night reviewing all the evidence of this massacre, and my considered opinion, after reviewing everything I can see, is that someone wants Southern Nigeria to burn but I doubt we are looking at the right culprits.

Something else is going on and I suspect there is a Master Puppeteer at work in this Lekki ‘massacre’ thing and we all are falling into the dastardly plan to unleash violence in south Nigeria

We are hurt and mad as hell but LETS CALM DOWN AND REVIEW EVIDENCE

  1. Everyone knew I am a sworn opponent of this lackluster Govt so I have nothing to gain by asking everyone to calm down and NOT assume what is not true (THE FACT that there is no massacre actually undercuts my campaign for #endBuhari so there is no way I will say it if I didn’t believe it.. I do not think there was any massacre at a Lekki yesterday. To join everyone to say there was will be dishonorable on my part because I do not believe it…. Despite my animus to the Govt.
  2. Sure, There may have been a shooting and for that, we must hold some people accountable, but I don’t see mass murder. why?
  • There are No bullet ridden bodies.
  • There are no mothers crying over their dead children
  • Everyone seems sure 11, or 30 or 70 people were killed by soldiers in Lekki yesternight, but NO ONE knows ANYONE actually killed personally. No siblings, no parents exhibiting the bodies of anyone. Did the dead bodies just disappear? If anyone has evidence, please attach it here for us all to see. But look at it yourself critically first so you don’t spread anarchy by the error of omission.
  • There were no bullet-ridden bodies anywhere. The pictures being circulated of people lying on the ground being shot remarkably had NO BLOOD. NO BLOOD ON ANY OF THEM. How plausible is that? LOOK AGAIN at most of the pictures you have seen. Where is the body?
  • Again, There are no bullet-ridden bodies. If there were 11 or 30 o 70 dead bodies, there must be at least 100 people with bullet wounds who didn’t die. That’s a reasonable statistical projection. For every dead person in a mass shooting, there must be at least 10 wounded. WHERE ARE THESE PEOPLE? LET THEM SHOW US THEIR BULLER SPRAYED BODIES. I am not saying people were not shot (and govt must pay heavily for that), but I doubt there was a massacre.
  • There is no clear video of shooting at the crowd (the only video I saw of soldiers apparently shooting was a doctored one. On closer look, you will see that the soldiers in the video were not even shooting. and it appears that the shooting sounds were dubbed in, and the muzzle flashes were game show flashes and TOO FAR away to have been from those soldiers we were looking at . LOOK DISAPPASSIONATEY before you crucify me please. Even the crowd in front of those soldiers were NOT even running AWAY. They look like they were just standing and talking to the soldiers even as we hearing loud gunshots and seeing muzzle flashes that appeared in the clouds like a BAD Nollywood film. LOOK!
  • There was a video of someone whose brains were spilled on the floor, but everyone knows bullets do not scoop up the brain and deposit it almost intact 10 feet away. THAT CANNOT BE A BULLET SHOT UNLESS HE WAS SHOT WITH A CANNON. Even the conversation by those around the body suggests it was some kind of accident that just happened and not soldier shooting. Watch it again and pay attention.
  • There were videos with lots of shooting, but I don’t see any falling bodies. How realistic is that if indeed the soldiers were shooting INTO the crowd?
  • We have started seeing videos of people that all of us were made to believe were shot and killed in the Lekki incident coming out and saying they were not even there (Eniola Badmus is one of such. The poor girl as overwhelmed with people already taking wreaths and candles to her house in mourning . Yet, she said she never even went out that day. What?)
  1. I know I would be crucified for seemingly coming out to urge caution in our conclusions, but Nigeria is my country too even if I am abroad. My family is still in the southern part of Nigeria and any fake provocation that makes people burn it all down will affect my people too. LETS PAUSE AND ASK WHATS GOING ON?

I SAY WITH ALL sense of a patriotic citizen who is disgusted at the govt but who would not be part of a frame-up as excuse to unleash violence. The agitations of the Youths remain, and they should continue their protests if they think they still have issues to settle but don’t burn down your nation on a lie.

Nobody has killed youths. Even governor Jide Sanwoolu, who must still own the consequence of his ill-advised curfew, but who has been most responsive and honest about all this, just confirmed there was NO FATALITY in Lekki.

I have looked at all the videos of this massacre that I can see, and I can say with all sense of responsibility and knowing that people are sooooo hurt and heartbroken now that I don’t think there was a massacre at Lekki

If it happened , we have not seen evidence of it yet.

  1. I also watched the Adeola show on Sahara Reporters she made a lot of allegations but no evidence. She even claimed people were using Chelsea drink and alcohol to remove bullets from dead people, but she laughably claimed she cannot show us the vide evidence becos according to her, YouTube will flag it? Really ? Can anyone really believe that Sahara reporters would be shy about showing pictures or videos of carnage by this govt? that’s another reason I knew them something else is going on here and we are being manipulated by someone or some people to go to war. It’s almost the kind of fake proof Bush gave of ‘discovering weapons of mass destruction in Iraq’ that they used as excuse to take USA to war and cost lives of 1,000s of American lives. WE MUST LOOK WELL BEFORE WE CONCLUDE THIS WAS INDEED A MASSACRE


Of course, Buhari must still go (he is not physically and mentally able to rule as President. We all know it. But let’s focus on facts, not what the hidden puppeteer wants us to see.

I live in USA. I have a robust law firm in USA, And We have already started a petition to get this govt arraigned before the International tribunals with over 60,0000 signatures already but we need REAL evidence that ties Army and Govt to this if indeed there was a Massacre before those bodies can move.

So here is my sincere call out to Nigerians who were there or who were affected by this

  • I would appreciate information on the people killed or shot by the soldiers (Names, contact information , addresses if you have it) so we can call them with my team and interview them for the record, for the international courts if this indeed happened. We need these verifiable evidences.
  • If you have doctored videos that an objective person can use to say this is actually army shooting at civilians and not just fake videos you have not reviewed thoroughly yourself. Send it to ceo@probitasreport.com and info@naijalivesmatter.com
  • Pictures on the scene or phone video of the scene. I don’t think any international court will believe that dozens of people were shot and killed by solider with over 50,000 phones present and nobody caught anything on their camera of dead bodies on the floor or the soldiers actually shooting deliberately and repeatedly to kill
  • We all want to bring perpetrators to book but stories of ‘I heard them screaming they are shooting at us’ like the respected Pat Utomi was selling on Channels would be laughed out of court. He never even said he saw any soldiers shooting or saw any dead or shot body on the floor. I just finished reviewing his channels interview again. All he said was he heard people shouting they were shooting at us. We all know what happens when the crowd gets riled up . People who were not even in the scene will claim they saw people dying all over. I have seen that before and so have you

Peace out

Dr Ope Banwo

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