October 21, 2020 / PROBITASREPORT


It is a pity….
Yoruba Never Ronu

The IPOB or Nigeria Army are burning our heritage and we are jubilating….

BRT are not in other States.
NPA TVC are some of the asset we are proud of in Yoruba Land.
Some of us are happy that public facilities are destroyed and set on fire.
We are shouting #ENDSARS
Some said we want Oduduwa Nation.
They are destroying what we could use to survive as a Nation and we are jubilating.

Right now Violence Dominates Lagos Protests

Majority of this Hoodlums that joined the peaceful protest in Lekki for the past 2 weeks are miscreants and IPod boys. They know what they’re doing….

Despite what Atiku Abubakar did as a vice president to corner all the resources of this country to himself no single person from Adamawa protested against him.

Tinubu was Never a president nor vice president nor a Minister but just a former Governor like James Onanefe Ibori who the Deltans celebrate like an idol despite what he did in delta….

If you allowed this Ipob and their cohorts to destroy our common heritance it is left for you.
This is the way they deceive us to betray Awolowo while they keep hailing their own Zik.


#ENDSARS is not in the south_west alone.

Where in the entire Country do we hear they are burning homes and monument?

In Ekiti if not because of the arrest that have been made they would have started burning houses…

I heard they have started burning APC Secretarial in Ondo State.


What is the offence of Tinubu just because he developed Lagos?

Why can’t they developed the Ipob state despite the huge resources that was allocated to them.?

Lagos is not complaining that Tinubu steal their money what is the problem of the iPod?

Ironu ikoko ni yio paja won

The Ipob are setting us against ourselves…

Awa Omo YORUBA please let us come together and protect our own….

Tinubu is an asset to Yoruba Nation.

He has build more people than any other person in this Land

They cannot go and burn Atikus refinery in South Africa

They cannot go and burn Edwin clerk University in Ghana

They cannot go and burn James Ibori’s refinery in Liberia

Neither can they go and burn other monument of the iPod in other Country

This is the way they criticized Obasanjo before he forced Jonathan on Nigeria

*The Arewa’s are looking at us and laughing at the South versus the South just because the *Yanmirin* want power at all cost


You’re been used to perpetrate all this mayhem


  1. Nigeria Port Authority Lagos – set ablaze
  2. Orile Police Post, Lagos – set ablaze
  3. Lekki Toll Gate, Lagos – totally destroyed
  4. BRT Terminal, Oyingbo – New Buses set on fire
  5. Television Continental, Ketu, Lagos – set ablaze
  6. VIO, FRSC Office, Ojodu – FRSC branded cars, generators set ablaze.
  7. BRT Terminal, Ojodu, Lagos – buses set ablaze.
  8. BRT Bus at Berger – set ablaze
  9. Lagos Television, Agidingbi, Ikeja – shut down
  10. Recreational Center, Oregun, Lagos – set on fire.
  11. Oba’s Palace, Lagos – burnt to ashes. His scepter of authority seized.
  12. Sanwo Olu Mother’s House, Surulere, Lagos – set
    13 Kings college partially destroyed
  13. Many lives lost already to the protests all in Lagos and south west.
  14. Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos burnt
  15. GTBank Branches burnt down
  16. AccessBank Branches burnt down
  17. Ajeromi Local Govt Secretariat
  18. Lagos-Island Local Govt destroyed
  19. Lagos-Island East LCDA Secretariat set on fire
  20. Lagos Mainland Local Govt Secretariat Destroyed
  21. Ibeju Lekki LCDA Secretariat destroyed
  22. Sanwoolu’s Uncle’s house on Lagos Island

Still counting….

Several Yoruba heritage buildings and private properties burnt down and you still believe this is about protest or fall out from Army’s shooting🤦🏽‍♂️… Someone or people somewhere have declared war on Lagos State and by extension on the South-West. Only a fool will clap whilst his father’s house is being destroyed.

Yoruba ronu 🤔

“It is time to nip this destruction of Lagos State assets in the bud as this is not the #EndSARS agenda”

Written By Anonymous


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