“What a shock to see true heroes of a New Nigeria being killed by those that should be protecting the youths.” Dr Ohio O Ojeagbase

Black Tuesday October 20, 2020

Watch the real live shooting

What then can we say to the hundreds of lives killed by the Nigerian Government?

Does Nigerian Lives really matter?

How many more innocence would be killed to hearken to the clarion call for to totally reform and rebuild a New Nigeria?

At what point will elected officials publicly resign there public offices for this anomaly that happened on Black Tuesday October 20, 2020?

Who is truly The Commander In Chief of Nigeria?

In our old National Anthem, it was clearly stated there that out Flag shall not be stained handed down to the next generation, but here, this present government of Nigeria has handed down a Nigerian flag stained with blood of innocent lives and all leaders across the divide should hand over to the younger generation under 45.

Both political and religious leaders are all to retire from the scene to allow for a new Nigeria to emerge. Those who are afraid to die cannot be see leading any change or be seen talking on at national matters going forward. The good book of the Bible says .. and they loved not their lives unto death but indeed these leaders are too weak to practice the word when it matters.

We call on all Nigerian youths world over to restrategise, be law abiding and take this to another level. We must commend the only onground EndSARS celebrity fighter by name DJ SWITCH for covering the news so that these altrocities of government and the Nigeria Army are exposed to the world to see.


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