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Dr. Ohio O. Ojeagbase is a Co-founder at Kreeno Holdings owners of KREENO INTERNATIONAL (a business security solution company) and ProbitasReport (an integrity in business online news reporting media outfit for Corporate Governance and Integrity in Business in the marketplace across Africa.

He works as an Enterprise Builder, Private Investigator Strategist, Corporate Governance, and Enterprise Risk Expert in the energy and gas sector handling various Assets Recovery activities leveraging technology for high networth industry key players. Some of his duties include Debt Collection & Restructuring, illicit financial flows and stolen asset recovery, providing technical assistance and business security trainings to Criminologists, Private Investigators, Security Agents and Legal Practitioners dealing with harassment and financial crimes in Nigeria 🇳🇬 .

He had his first degree in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Benin City and came out with Second Class Upper, later had his MBA in Management from the University of Lagos in 2011. Whilst he was helping to reposition ailing oil and gas businesses, stumbled into a service gap in Asset Recovery in the Oil and Gas, so proceeded to fill the gap. His quest to solve industry needs led him to register from Undergraduate to Doctoral programs in Private Investigator online in financial fraud and stolen asset recovery and led to the award of double doctorate in Private Investigator and Corporate Governance from TBUGLEX, USA with over 30 partnership universities across Africa and Americas. The university with the largest collections of online library to stay ahead in the industry with his dissertation well supervised by Prof. Adeleke Durojaiye, The Chancellor and President of the Institution who is a world renowned Chief Security Consultant – Associate General at IACP.

The first in Africa PhD In Private Investigator and Investigation Project Dissertation at Triune Biblical University, USA with over 30 partnership universities across Africa and Americas was on:

Partnership policing amongst the Nigeria Police Force, Judicial System and the New Private Investigation industry in reducing all forms of crimes, frauds and social vices in Nigeria .

In Nigeria, there are high numbers of criminal incidents and financial frauds that are reported both to the police and EFCC every year. Crime prevention needs different stakeholders to work together in order to reduce such crimes and social vices.


He has been seen practicing the emergence of Private Investigators businesses in Nigeria without making a noise by working with Police Special Fraud Unit teams and other corporate Organizations for the investigations and Stolen Asset Recovery of great magnitude. Due to the many lack of Integrity in the ways people handle cases unethically, he went ahead to fight entities with money bags who feel get could get away with crimes by buying their ways through cases brought against them. He has as one of his legal advisers, the former Attorney-General of Bayelsa State, Barr. Anthony George Ikoli SAN, Founding Partner at George Ikoli and Okagbue chambers in Nigeria.

As part of KREENO HOLDINGS Corporate Social Responsibility, donated a set of High Class Printing Machine for the Police Special Fraud Unit, Milverton, Ikoyi, Lagos without calling the attention of the media to it. “It is a practice for him not to communicate intentions until they are already set in motion or successfully executed”

A retired Superintendent of Police at PSFU called him a “Corporate Prophet” after receiving the news of the recently NIGERIA Police Force Act as amended 2020. The retired SP who is working closely as PI said about Dr. Ohio O. Ojeagbase that he saw tomorrow and practiced his believe for years before the amendment to the Nigeria Police Force Act.


At KREENO, it is not about what the pioneering team members want but it is about what the customers need first to be happier, feeling safer then next would be how the team players believe they can deliver to solving the many issues of the society leveraging all the competitive advantages from all team players and external networks to make clients safer and better.

KREENO is available to securing the future and solving the challenges of the present. We will not lose our vision and our strategic intent which is all about SECURING THE FUTURE

If you think the challenges, Then contact the group at KREENO full of dreamers who are poised to serve you as your Chief Servants Officers in the marketplace to serve you as we get more graduates gainfully engaged productively.

KREENO renders the following solutions:- Security, Protection of Assets, Asset Recovery, Debts Collection, Private Investigation, Business Process, Enterprise Development, Cybersecurity, Wealth Management, Business Advisory, Education on Private Investigators and Forensics

Energy & Gas (Upstream, Midstream, Downstream), Government, Commodity Trading, Financial Services, New Technology, Power, Shipping, etc

KREENO .. Made In Internet, Securing The Future

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Samuel Smiles Reporting From ProbitasReport. Email: and +2347088325000


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