The four groups of friends you need to have in order to keep successful this post Covid19 lockdown:

1. The one who knows all your weaknesses but doesn’t judge you

2. The one who knows your strength and wants to build you up in your strength.

3. The one whois where you need to be and wants to help you grow

4. The one who fights your battles even in your absence.

These are the four groups of companions you should keep post Covid19 lockdown to go very far in life and to fulfill the very counsel of God in this time and hour.

I wonder why people are afraid that if you ever become better by then rendering a little support, you will outshine them. No, no, no. That was the position I found myself where I was coming from in a gathering that no one supported, looking for job after working in the financial institution and none came to my rescue, yet kept working fervently and faithfully in the Lord’s vineyard as He is my employer and rewarder.

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This is why The Cyrus Partners (TCP) is set up to help build lives and build real estates so that these lives can devour their prey in the morning and divide their spoils in the night. Friendship is a valuable asset and leverage for business success.

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