Beyond being a daily assistance control system, its main objective is to detect, identify, locate and monitor the emotions of employees, giving to the organizations tools for better decision making, analysis and preventive measures in order to eliminate, minimize or avoid psychosocial risks


Protect your organization in the legal framework against fines and lawsuits. It allows you to see the correlation of your employees over time.

Increase the productivity and commitment of your employees. Reduce staff turnover and absenteeism.

Make strategic decisions in real time

Treat risk cases immediately.

Detect possible psychosocial risks. Improve health and work environment. Mitigate Alert cases

And much more.

How much Time takes access control?

From 3 to 7 seconds per person upon entering and leaving work.

Our disruptive technology allows to detect, locate, monitor and prevent organizational risks linked to employee risks for Public and Private companies, in real time.


We recognize more than 150 parameters of voice emotions levels

Without human Intervention

We rely on Research from the last 30 Years.

Pre-employment evaluations, periodic or by topic

(specific cases)

Evaluation System

Big Data, Algorithms, Advanced data analytics processing, Artificial intelligence

and Machine Learning.

Real-time alerts (fraud detection / extortion / Theft / sexual harassment and much more).

Administrator System

We focus on alerts, not reports.

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Ihedioha Stella ,Reporting ProbitasReport


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