Nurse Assaulted by Patient and Relative in a Lagos private Hospital

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Assault On A Nurse

This is uncalled for having relatives and patients beat up nurses in the hospitals. Nurses are suffocating and maltreated whilst they carry out their professional and holistic care to patients.

It is so disheartening as the young nurse in person of Nurse Samuel Mary who is a registered nurse in Nigeria was assaulted by her patient today 24th of May 2022 who complained of severe pain and her medication was administered as duly prescribed by the Doctor. This patient demanded for an overdosed opioid to relieve her of her pain. The nurse who understands her profession, knows the implication of what this might lead to the patient, relative, the hospital, the body of nursing as well as her own nursing license being refused to administer . The effort of  trying to explain the side effects and complications to the patient was abortive and the nurse was beaten and also was threatened by the patient and her relatives. So surprisingly to see the patients who were craving for an overdosed drug due to severe pain stood up from her ward to challenge the nurse and beat her up. How manage did her her pain disappeared when she stood to fight???

In Nigeria, we have heard Nurse's license withdrawn and nurses sentenced to prison because of such cases and unprofessionalism due to acts caused by patients and relatives, quacks, hospitals and the failure of the nurses using her discretion in treatment. 

This ill treatment coming from patients and relatives must stop and there must be a voice for Nurse Samuel Mary. 


  Nurse Raji
  RN, Writer
  Visit: to get more details about reporting crimes and injustices

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